ICF Order Management System

ICF BANK AG offers ICFOMS , a fully automated order routing and management system with direct access to German trading floors, XETRA® and every relevant international trading venue.

ICFOMS's straight through processing (STP) technology ensures highly efficient processes, significantly reduced error rates and maximum user-friendliness for retail and institutional orders (discretionary transactions). All retail and institutional orders are settled electronically immediately upon execution.

The following information is available to clients in real-time:

  • Order entry / order import
  • Pre-Trade-Check
  • Current status (= average price and number of units)
  • Smart Routing / Best-Execution
    • static execution of the rules on the basis of the previously established qualtiy of execution at trading venues
    • dynamix executioin of the rules unser consideration of current market situations
  • Current status (= average price and number of units)
  • The ICF broker processing the transaction
  • Net prices
  • Display of the individual transactions and their respective:
    • trading venues
    • trading hours
    • trading prices

Execution on a stock exchange must comply with the rules and regulations available on the homepage of the respective stock exchange als well as the other stock exchange regulations.